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Internet Service

Internet Service is one of the most productive technologies that a family can use. It allows the user to lookup world wide for much needed information, stay current with the latest news, weather, and sports. Check your local community for current affairs, socialize with web sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Contact your family and friends via email. You can access your bank account and pay bills, all from the privacy of your home. With the latest advances in this technology, you can now listen to music, watch Movies and TV, use an Internet telephone, and do conferences with a Video-phone.

If you are a business, the internet is something that you just about can't do without in todays world. It allows you to promote your business with a web site, and communicate with customers via email. It can provide you connections for credit card processors, and other innovative time savers. Using the Internet to conduct your business, is like having a full support staff, but at a fraction of the cost.

The History of Internet Service

The problem with Internet service was that in order to have service with a good speed on it, you had to be in an urban area. First service for rural areas was "Dial-Up" telephone internet. That only provided the customer with 56k of speed, and it took forever to wait for the telephone to dial up and the modems to connect. Pages loaded very slowly, and downloads took hours instead of minutes.

Next came DSL and cable modem service. That increased speed a little better, but you had to be close to the telephone company or cable office for it to work properly. That is still the case, and this didn't help those living in the rural areas. Along came satellite internet, which allowed anybody that could see the sky to get service. Speed was a lot faster, but with a real hefty price per month. Because of delays on the satellite signal you just couldn't do much with it beyond just surfing the web.

Well, that is changing, we now have the technical capability to bring high speed Internet to those in the rural areas by using Microwave radio frequencies. By installing a small Internet dish antenna on your house or business, you are connected to one of our local microwave towers and our High Speed Internet network. This service is "Always On", there is no need to wait for "Dial-up" anymore . Getting a High Speed Internet connection is now very affordable, with many service packages available to fit your needs. All our Internet service packages are billed by the amount of "speed" that you want on your Internet connection, and NOT by the "amount of data" you use each month.    

This is Not Satellite, Cable, DSL, or Cell phone
            Wireless High Speed Internet - DIRECT from Our tower to You !

NO Data Caps, NO Throttling, NO Overages

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