Wireless Routers or in-house "WiFi" units

We have evaluated several "Wireless" router units, and have picked the ASUS model RT-N12D1 (N300) router. This unit uses two external radio antennas which provides greater "in-house" Wi-Fi range. It is small and compact, has 4 network connections on the rear for hardwired computer units. It has a front operations panel which informs the user of the router's operations. It features the lastest "Encryption Security" for your wireless data, and can be programmed to allow "Guest" users. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty. Included is an on/off button on the rear side. ASUS makes highly reliable "Motherboards" for computers and servers, and has engineered this router unit with the same care. Whether you just want the freedom of using your Laptop, IPAD, or Kindle around the house, or need to connect that Smart TV to stream Netflix, this unit will do it !!


(Above is a pistorial showing where all the cables go !)

We are providing this unit for only $ 5. * a month, programmed, and tested.
(Rental price includes all installation and warranty)

(* plus applicable taxes)

NOTE: Never, Never press the "Reset" button on your router...It deletes all the programming in it.

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