Buy or Rent ? Why we no longer sell routers to our customers.

After several years of selling routers to our customers, we have found what most customers want is "Customer Service" ! We can provide that better if we rent the wireless router to our customer, as that allows us to do troubleshooting on the router in case of a problem, change passwords if requested, update firmware for security, and if a problem should occur with the router unit, we will swap it out with a new one. All this just for one low price per month.

Our valued customers, as always, still have their choice of buying their own wireless router unit or renting one from us.

If the customer still desires that they purchase their own router, they are responcible for their own maintenance of it. We will still do service calls for them (at the current listed service call pricing) for any programming or service required.

Wireless Routers or in-house "WiFi" units

We have upgraded the "Wireless" router units we are renting, and we are now providing the ASUS models RT-ACRH13 (AC1300) and RT-AX3000 routers. These units use four external radio antennas which provides greater "in-house" Wi-Fi range. They have 4 network connections on the rear for any hardwired requirements. They have a front operations panel which informs the user of the router's operations. They both feature the lastest "Encryption Security" for your wireless data, and can be programmed to allow "Guest" users. We rent the AC1300 unit for those customers that are using the speed packages up to and including 15 Mbps downloads, and have normal size houses. We rent the AX3000 unit for speed packages 25 Mbps download and higher, and for larger size houses where we may also need to "Mesh" additional router units together to provide the wider area WiFi coverage. ASUS makes highly reliable "Motherboards" for computers and servers, and has engineered these router units with the same care. Whether you just want the freedom of using your Laptop, IPAD, or Kindle around the house, or need to connect that Smart TV to stream Netflix, these units will do it !!


(Above is a pistorial showing where all the cables go !)

We are renting the RT-1300 unit for $ 5 a month*, and the RT-AX3000 for $ 10 a month*,
installed, programmed, and tested.
(Rental price includes all installation and maintenance costs)

(* plus applicable taxes)


We also have routers available to cover larger area houses, and wide outdoor areas. Please contact our office for information on these units, if you should require them.


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