Residential Packages

Wickenburg Customers-Please call for Speeds and Prices

Basic Package

                   •       Basic browsing and email

                   •       1.5 mbps download speed*


Plus Package

                •       Browsing, email and Facebook

                •       2.5 mbps download speed*


Preferred Package

        •   Netflix and Standard (SD)

          video streaming

        •   4 mbps download speed*


Premium Package

         •   Streaming HD movies,

          Sports, or Gaming

         •   7 mbps download speed*


Ultimate Package

        •   Streaming movies and

        Gaming on multiple devices

        •   10 mbps download speed*


* All Packages are "un-limited" usage (no Data limit caps)

One time Installation Costs

Month-Month service     $150.00***

2 year service contract    $105.00

3 year service contract    $60.00

***Installation costs may be made in installments not to exceed 3 months

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes, fees or additional accessories

Additional charge for increased upload speed

Not all packages are available in all service areas

Call 855-400-0120 for details