The facts about Wireless Routers
(And how not to get scammed by router salespeople !!)

Wireless Routers are used to provide "Wi-Fi" connections between your Internet Service entry point, and devices within your house, such as Laptop computers, newer Digital Televisions, certain Gaming devices, and "mobile" data units such as Smart Phones, Tablets, or Notebooks. The majority of the Wireless Routers available today work on the 2.4 ghz. unlicensed radio band. There are 11 channels available on this band, with only 3 of them that do not overlap each other (channels 1, 6 & 11).

Because of frequency limitations, most 2 ghz wireless routers will ONLY provide a speed of 54 Mbps. throughput. Some of the newer versions boast of higher speeds by compressing data, and then sending it. You MUST have the proper software in your devices to then decompress that same data to use that higher speed. Most devices do not have this software on them.

In an effort to sell more higher dollar router units, the DUAL band unit was invented. The Dual band unit uses the 5 ghz. unlicensed band along with the 2 ghz. band to try to provide even higher throughput on the unit. The MAJOR problem is that most mobile devices do NOT have a dual band receiver unit in them, they only have the 2 ghz. unit. Thereby making the Dual band router speeds useless, and having it revert it's connections back to the normal 2 ghz. band and the original 54 Mbps. speeds. If you are planning on buying a Dual band unit, you are simply throwing your money away !!!

Another problem with the dual band units, is that the 5 ghz. band is used for providing you the Internet Service to your house by your Service Provider, such as Az Airnet. By installing a Dual band unit in your house, even if you are not using the 5 ghz. portion of it, you may interfere with the incoming Internet signal that we are bringing to you. If you do have a Dual band unit, please make sure that the 5 ghz. portion is "turned off", unless you are specifically using it !!

Router units are radio transmitters, and as such they generate heat. Over a period of time this will physically burn the router unit out. You should expect to replace your router about every 2-3 years to keep your wireless signals working as needed.

I have noticed that over the last year that a lot of the router units for sale have been re-configured and have had all their outside antennas removed, and installed internally. This was to make them more consumer streamlined, but in the process it also shortened the range of the router unit. If you are going to purchase one, suggest you look for one that has the external antenna on the back of the unit. This also keeps the transmitter RF heat away from the internal chassis, and helps extend the life of the router.

When we install your service, and you advise us that you will be using or needing a Wireless Router unit. We will check our system speeds both from our rooftop radio unit, and through your in-house router unit. We will also check to make sure all your devices are working and connecting to the wireless router unit.

A good 2 ghz. wireless router unit should cost you between $ 50. - 75.   Do not pay more than $ 100. for one unless it has special applications on it which you need for specific uses. We state again, that you do NOT need a Dual band unit, unless you have equipment that uses it. You are just wasting your money !

If you have any questions regarding what router to use, please contact us...... 855-400-0120 x302