Residential Packages

For service in Congress, Yarnell, North Ranch, Peeples Valley, Wilhoit, and Skull Valley areas

Basic Package

•       Basic browsing and email   

•        3 mbps download speed*   


Plus Package

•       Browsing, email and Facebook

•       5 mbps download speed*         


Preferred Package

•      Netflix and Standard (SD)

video streaming

•       8 mbps download speed*


Premium Package

•     Streaming HD movies,    

    Sports, or Gaming

      •     15 mbps download speed*    


Ultimate Package **

•      Streaming movies and        

      Gaming on multiple devices

    •      25 mbps download speed*    


* All Packages are "un-limited" usage (NO data "limit" caps, NO throttling)

(Speeds listed are "up to" and may fluctuate due to Interference, or network congestion)

(Higher speeds coming SOON !)

One time Installation Costs

Month-Month service     $150.00*** (**)

2 year service contract    $105.00

3 year service contract    $60.00

***Installation costs may be made in installments not to exceed 3 months

** This selection allows for "seasonal" use of services (turn on-off)

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes, fees or additional accessories

Additional charge for increased upload speed

Not all packages are available in all service areas

Call 855-400-0120 for details